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Becoming an agent & promoting our college

We share the same goal of promoting Vibe College among international students from various countries. In order to do so, we have developed various resources for use.

Vibe College requests all our agents to utilise the material provided by the college and please do not recreate your own resources. Vibe College takes future of students and our organisation image seriously and will not tolerate any miscommunication from agents to our prospective students.

We provide our agents with all the essential information, resources, and support that allows them to provide correct information to our prospective students. Please let our team know if you have any questions or need more support from our team.

Vibe College will only appoint Agents whose organisation is registered in the relevant country, state or province and if relevant in Australia.

All Agents must have completed the Agent Application Form to become an official agent for the College. Vibe College has a thorough process in place to ensure we only appoint ethical and responsible education agents. We will request various documents to support agent’s applications before finalising our decision.

Please fill the EDUCATION AGENT APPLICATION FORM and provide all the supporting documents that would allow our organisation to make decision on your application. Please provide translation for any documents that are in language other than English.

Once we receive your online application we will assess your application and supporting evidence provided. If required, we may request additional documents that would allow us to make decision on your application. In addition, we will perform reference check and organise interview with prospective agent. If your application is successful we will issue you agreement upto 3 years.

Once you receive the Agent Agreement, we advise you to read the entire agreement so you will be well informed of the terms of contract and responsibilities. Return signed acceptance of Agent Agreement.

Once we receive your signed Agent Agreement, we will send you an Agent Representation Certificate and The documents to represent Vibe College so as not to mislead students.


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Vibe College

Vibe's Expectations from Agents

Vibe College is a student focused Registered Training Organisation.

Your obligations as a Vibe College Education Agent are outlined in your Agent Agreement which include but are not limited to:

  • Actively promoting the college and recruiting students in an accurate, ethical and professional manner
  • Assisting students in applying for admission to courses including processing application forms and forwarding completed applications
  • Ensuring all relevant staff members are suitably qualified, experienced and aware of their obligations
  • Fulfilling requirements related to any policies or procedures introduced by the college to assess whether a student is a Genuine Student
  • Complying with relevant Vibe College policies and procedures, Code of Conduct and the ESOS Legislative Framework
  • Obtaining written consent prior to undertaking any promotional activity, advertising of the College or its courses or using the College logo.
  • Timely action to any reasonable directions given by the college including but not limited to completing and returning surveys and self-evaluations, completing training, and verifying student or agents details
  • Responding to enquiries from prospective students by providing information about the programs available at the college and the relevant admission criteria

Your obligations as our Agent under the ESOS Act are outlined in your Education Agent Agreement and include but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring students are planning to be genuine temporary entrants to Australia with the purpose of achieving a successful education outcome and returning home
  • Providing students with current information regarding the College, entry requirements, the program, fees, living in Australia, a description of the ESOS framework prior to completing an application for a program
  • Ensuring that a student’s qualifications, experience and English language proficiency are appropriate for the program
  • Informing potential students that their primary purpose must be to study and complete within their CoE duration and that if they are accompanied by school age children, they may be required to pay full fees at either government or non-government schools
  • Not engaging in any dishonest practices and not providing immigration advice where not legally authorised to do so.
Govt. Guidlines

We are currently in the process of updating all the information with recent changes announced by Department of Home Affairs. In the meantime, if you need any information, please reach out to college administration directly via email ([email protected]). Sorry for any inconvenience caused.