What is recognition of prior learning (RPL) & skills recognition?

RPL undertaken through the VIBE is a stream lined assessment process that takes a practical approach maximising the use of on-site questioning and observation.

Assessments are conducted this way to assist assessor’s in obtaining a full “picture of the candidate’s skills and knowledge. This can then be compared with industry standards enabling a determination of whether the candidate has achieved the required outcomes.


Stephanie Scott, Brisbane Campus

I started at vibe college within my final assessments towards my hairdressing certificate. I started there not being able to go on the floor as a senior hairdresser and be confident to do every haircut that walked in the door. They went through all my week points in cutting and started from the beginning to be able to put all the structures together with the one on one training I was able to correct it. I've now finished my training and I'm confident in all aspects in cutting I recommend going to vibe as the training was amazing.

Shelby Perry, Rockhamptom Campus

Absolutely amazing college. One on one with you're Vibe College teachers! Small classes that are fantastic to be able to achieve what you wanted for the day. Definitely recommend this College.

Melissa Angelos, Brisbane Campus

The college is well structured & runs on a smooth, efficient yet effective programme which is designed to help those in the hands on industry for hairdressing. It is nice to have friendly teachers who are experienced & well trained. My personal growth & knowledge has grown a lot.

Manjari Rajopadhya, Brisbane Campus

I was looking for colleges all over to complete my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. After calling to multiple college all over the country, I decided to pursue my course with Vibe College. I was very impressed with the information provided to me, courteous staff, and very responsive team. Due to distance, I completed my course online/correspondence and was extremely happy with service and support during my course.

Sharnee Walsh, Rockhamptom Campus

Every Tuesday I look forward to attending the Rockhamptom vibe college. Not only do we have a fantastic teacher and a knowledgeable training program, but we also have an awesome team of girls that attend with me. I feel my learning abilities have expanded and I have become more comfortable and confidence in my hairdressing experience! I would definitely recommend this college to any hairdressing student :)

Cheyenne Hansen, Rockhamptom Campus

The training program at Vibe College is amazing and is easy to understand. As an apprentice I feel I have advanced since transferring over to Vibe College Rockhamptom. #Vibelit

Georgia O'Donnell, Rockhamptom Campus

Vibe college is fantabulous!!! I love my teacher Melissa hills #yourethebest and the training program is fantastic. Always have a blast on college days! #Vibeslit

Why Vibe?

VIBE is a student focused registered training organisation. We are dedicated to providing our students with the education, training, and experience necessary to be industry ready post-graduation.

Our respected instructors are practicing professionals with years of experience. Every VIBE trainer is hand selected to ensure they not only have excellent education credentials, but also are experts in the most current trends within the industry.

Small class sizes and a student focused training approach guarantees our students receive thorough hands-on training and one-on-one attention from all of our dedicated instructors.

We offer various courses in Hospitality and Hairdressing. At VIBE, students have an opportunity to study for a career pathway rather than simply job training.


Study today for a better tomorrow.

For enquiries, please call our Career Advisor at 07 3088 6644